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Upcoming Seminars

INDIA ALGO CONVENTION 2018 by Vivek Gadodia, Chandini Jain, Jay P Shah, Vishal Mehta, Manish Jain, Navin Agrawal, Prashant Shah, Swapnil Pawar, Rajib Ranjan Borah, Anil Ghelani, Shubham Agarwal, Sovit Manjani, Hrishabh Sanghvi, Devang Jhaveri, Dr. Viral Shah, Faiz Memon, Ankit Ratan, Harshita Arora, Snehal Sonie, Shrini Viswanath, Rakesh Pujara, Subhadip Nandy ( 2018/04/21 - 2018/04/22 )

INDIA ALGO CONVENTION 2018       Add To WishList

Place: Karjat

Date: 2018/04/21 - 2018/04/22

Time: 10:00 AM to 5:30 PM

Speaker: Vivek Gadodia, Chandini Jain, Jay P Shah, Vishal Mehta, Manish Jain, Navin Agrawal, Prashant Shah, Swapnil Pawar, Rajib Ranjan Borah, Anil Ghelani, Shubham Agarwal, Sovit Manjani, Hrishabh Sanghvi, Devang Jhaveri, Dr. Viral Shah, Faiz Memon, Ankit Ratan, Harshita Arora, Snehal Sonie, Shrini Viswanath, Rakesh Pujara, Subhadip Nandy

Brief Description:
Leveling Dalal-Street's Playing Field

Objective of the Event
** To disseminate focused Algorithmic Trading knowledge to various participants.
** Form a launching pad for participants to start building Algorithms and start own Algorithmic trading.
** Gain trading wisdom by interacting with experienced Algorithmic traders.

Day 1 - Curriculum:

Vivek Gadodia (Co-Founder, Dravyaniti Consulting)
Insights into new Strategies
Their logic and how to profit from it

CHANDINI JAIN (Founder, Auquan)
Pair Trading
Basics to Mastering the Art

JAY P SHAH (Fund Manager, Edelweiss Alpha Fund)
VISHAL MEHTA (Client Specialist Manager, Thomson Reuters)
MANISH JAIN (Entrepreneur)
NAVIN AGRAWAL (Managing Partner, Technidex Advisors LLP)
PRASHANT SHAH (Co-Founder Definedge Software, Author of "Trading Markets The PnF Way")
SWAPNIL PAWAR (Head of India Operations, Engineers Gate. - Moderator)

Panel Discussion : Hedge Funds in India – Past, Present & Future
The Exponential growth factor of Absolute Return strategies

RAJIB RANJAN BORAH (Co-Founder & CEO, iRage Capital & Co-Founder & Director Quantinsti)
Sentiment Analysis
Modern day tools available and how to objectify news and use it for trading

ANIL GHELANI (Head of Products and Passive Investments, DSP BlackRock
Smart-Beta : Defining an equal weight index Strategy:
The magic of weights in investing

SHUBHAM AGARWAL (Founder, CEO- Quantsapp)
Option Algorithms - A different perspective
Super Big Data in options analytics - simplified

SOVIT MANJANI (CMT, Systems Trader)
Meditation For Focussed Trading
A calm and stable mind is the most powerful weapon in the market

Day 2 - Curriculum:

HRISHABH SANGHVI (Founder, HL Investrade)
Machine Learning and AI in Algorithmic Trading
Basics of Machine learning and how to conceptualize a working ML model

DEVANG JHAVERI (Co-Founder, Dravyaniti Consulting)
Practical Challenges of System Trading
Where a System Trader can get stuck when trading his or her strategy Live

DR. VIRAL SHAH (Co-Founder & CEO, Julia Computing, Co-Creator Julia Language, Co-Author Rebooting India)
How Algorithms Are Changing The Fin-Tech World

FAIZ MEMON (Founder, Fidelis Wealth Management)
ANKIT RATAN (Co-Founder, Signzy)
HARSHITA ARORA (App Developer, Designer, Entrepreneur,
SNEHAL SONIE (Algo Product Head, Edelweiss)
SHRINI VISWANATH (Co-Founder, Upstox (Moderator))

Panel Discussion : Crypto Currencies & Blockchain - Past, Present & Future

Execution Algos
Importance of Execution Algorithms for Algorithmic Trader, saving the spread, managing multiple accounts, trading the smaller time frame

RAKESH PUJARA (Managing Partner, Compounding Wealth Advisors)
Algorithmic Trading
The Challenges and Advantages from Indian Context

Intraday Volatility Burst System
Riding the Intraday Volatility + Momentum Bursts

Registeration Fees

Price for CFA society & Past Attendee is : Rs. 11,050/- + 18 % GST Discounted Price till 26th March
Price for New Attendee is : Rs. 12,999/- + 18% GST Discounted Price till 26th March
Price for CFA Society & Past Attendee is : Rs. 13,599/- + 18% GST After 26th March
Price for New Attendee is : Rs. 15,999/- + 18% GSTAfter 26th March

Early Bird Discount ends on 26th March
Venue :- Radisson Blu Resort & Spa, Karjat


For Queries, Please contact: Support @ (022)-40918900

Mumbai Algo Traders Conference by Dr. Hari, Rakesh Pujara, Neeraj Khurana, Snehal Sonie, Vishvesh Chauhan, Chintan Thakkar and Saurabh Lohiya ( 2018/05/05 )

Mumbai Algo Traders Conference       Add To WishList

Place: Mumbai

Date: 2018/05/05

Time: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Speaker: Dr. Hari, Rakesh Pujara, Neeraj Khurana, Snehal Sonie, Vishvesh Chauhan, Chintan Thakkar and Saurabh Lohiya

Brief Description:
Dear Algo Trader,

We bring together established full time traders, part time traders, as well as learners. Our focus is 100% practical. We enjoy talking about how to automate trading strategies, which type of strategies are making money, and, which types of strategies are hard to implement.

Welcome to the largest professional community of Algo Traders in India!

Breakout Sessions

Algos Using Python & Data Science
Session – Algos Using Python & Data Science will be given by Dr. Hari. He has done Ph.D in Applied and Computational Mathematics from IISc Bangalore. He is a Quantitative Researcher and Data Scientist who has Worked as trader, researchers, data scientist, developer on different projects.
Beginners to Intermediate short online video course is also available with this session.


1 Introduction
1.1 Introduction to Algo Trading
1.2 Setting Up Python for Algo Trading

2 Coding Common Studies
2.1 Coding for MA Crossovers
2.2 Coding for MACD
2.3 Coding for Bollinger Bands, RSI, Z-score
2.4 Coding for Stationarity Tests
2.5 Interactive Candlestick Charts in Python

3 Downloading and Preparing Data
3.1 Downloading Data
3.2 Preparing Data

4 Coding Buy-Sell Rules
4.1 Coding Buy-Sell rules for MA Crossovers
4.2 Coding Buy-Sell rules for MACD
4.3 Coding Buy-Sell rules for Bollinger Bands, RSI, Z-score

5 Backtesting Strategies
5.1 Intro to Backtesting
5.2 Backtesting – Another Example
5.3 Backtesting Long-Short rules for MACD, BBands, RSI, Z-score
5.4 Backtesting Pair Trading Strategy

6 Optimizing Strategies
6.1 Optimizing Using Parallel Computing

Algo Trading via Amibroker
Get online course with life-time access as given in curriculum below. Note that this is a pre-recorded course with online query support.
Get access to 3-hour breakout session on Algo Trading via Amibroker on 5th May. It is recommended to bring your laptop!.


1 Course Overview
1.1 Automated Trading vs Algorithmic Trading
1.2 Why Amibroker is Exceptionally Useful for Professionals

2 Setting Up Amibroker
2.1 Installing Amibroker
2.2 Setting Up Historical Database
2.3 Setting Up Live Database
2.4 Watchlists, Symbol Information, , Quote Editor, Realtime Quote, Time & Sales
2.5 Charting Guide
2.6 Chart sheets, Templates and Layouts
2.7 Database Settings for FOREX, Equities, Commodities
2.8 Database Structure
2.9 Database Tricks

3 AFL Coding Primer
3.1 Programming for non-programmers
3.2 Coding Your Own Indicators
3.3 Coding Your Own Explorations
3.4 Coding Your Own Strategy
3.5 Scanning for Signals
3.6 Optimizing Your Strategy

4 Quantitative Investing
4.1 Ranking Stocks & Rotational Backtesting
4.2 Economic Indicators
4.3 Your Custom Index and Composite Indicators

5 Coding a Real Strategy
5.1 Beyond the Help Manual
5.2 Beyond the Trading Books
5.3 Beyond the Internet Articles

6 Algorithmic Trading with Amibroker
6.1 Introduction
6.2 Algorithmic Trading with Interactive Brokers TWS

Algo Trading for Non-Programmers
Session – In this 3-hour session Mr. Rakesh Pujara will share practical insights about systematic trend following strategies. You will be given hands-on training for auto trading of trend following strategies, without using any programming. Further, Mr. Pujara will share his experiences on the right mindset and psychological aspects of trend following.
15 day free trail of FoxTrader will be given with this session ticket. Sotware download details will be emailed immediately with the ticket. Free trial will be activated on 1st May.

Power Lunch
Dine separately with the best algo traders from Mumbai!
Exclusive opportunity to network and share business insights
Power Lunch ticket holders may attend any of the breakout session. Also they get Amibroker Course, Python Course & 15-day Subscription of FoxTrader.

Ticket Types

Ticket with Amibroker Session - ₹2,100.00 Discounted Price - ₹1,680.00
Ticket with Python Session - ₹1,500.00 Discounted Price - ₹1,200.00
Ticket with Non Programmer Session - ₹1,500.00 Discounted Price - ₹1,200.00 with FoxTrader 15 days subscription, Use Coupon Code RELIABLE asap.
Ticket with Power Lunch - ₹5,000.00 Discounted Price - ₹4,000.00
Student's Ticket - ₹750.00 (Important - Please register with your college email id. Failure to do so makes the registration void and any refund will not be processed.)

Early Bird Discount ends soon...
Use coupon code RELIABLE on payment page to get 10% discount on delegate registration fee.

Venue :- AIILSG, Sthanikraj Bhavan, CD Barfiwala Marg (Juhu Gali), Andheri West, Mumbai- 400058.


For Queries, Please contact: Support @ (022)-40918900

Traders Carnival 2018: India's Largest Residential Trader Conference by Traders, for Traders ( 2018/05/24 - 2018/05/27 )

Traders Carnival 2018: India's Largest Residential Trader Conference       Add To WishList

3 Day Residential Conference for Traders and Market Participants

Place: Mumbai

Date: 2018/05/24 - 2018/05/27


Speaker: Traders, for Traders

Brief Description:
Event Highlights...
- 16 nationally and internationally renowned speakers.
- 16 actionable strategies for real-world results.
- Traders Carnival is a Residential Conference: includes stay at a 5-star hotel, all meals, two-way airport transfers, Internet Access and conference merchandise.
- Trading Psychology sessions by a Phd holder in Trading Psychology to make you a consistently successful trader.
- Networking event on 24th May for premium pass holders. Meet Atul Suri, Nooresh Merani, Deepak Mohoni and many other distinguished speakers. Includes accommodation.
- Discounted pricing for previous attendees and early bird subscribers, valid until 1st April.
- Some of the brilliant traders from India and abroad will share their strategies with you. Have a look here.
- Register at Call DJ at +91-7019278486 for any queries regarding logistics, speakers or just about anything regarding the Conference. See you at the Renaissance, Mumbai, this May!
- As always, Reliable subscribers get a very special price to register and be part of the huge event for all price categories.

Venue :- The Renaissance, Powai, Mumbai, India


For Queries, Please contact: Dharmraj @ +91-7019278486