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Reliable Software was started to make buying or selling decisions objective for traders and investors.

We started Reliable Software with a passion for problem solving. We closely watched traders and investors losing big in the stock markets. Analyzing markets and taking decision to buy, sell or hold is difficult. It is even more difficult, when one is emotionally involved. An objective decision-making system was required.

24 years ago when Technical Analysis was new in India, we realized the importance of this simple method of analyzing financial markets. Our first service Trend was started in 1990.

As years passed, National Stock Exchange and Bombay Stock Exchange popularized online trading. Active traders required tools to analyze markets in real-time. Our real-time decision support service Falcon started in 1997. Over these years we have been a market leader in technical analysis solutions for objective decision making.

Founder and Managing Director

Kiran Sagarkar
Kiran Sagarkar

Is an engineering graduate from IIT BHU. He combines his interest in problem solving, mathematics and visual arts to work on simple visual representation of complex information for trading community.